Judge marshalling is an event for a law student. It involves the student accompanying a judge at a particular court over a week or a one-to-three-day period. This process allows the student to gain insight into the daily activities of the judge, the court and how judges manage their cases. It also increases our legal understanding.

Application Dates for Judge Marshalling 

The application dates for judge marshalling are:

  • 1st October – 20th December
  • 13th January – 8th April
  • 21st April – 22nd May
  • 4th June – 31st July

How to Apply for Judge Marshalling

One can apply for this experience through the Inn Court, which offers formal schemes or your local Crown or County Court. You can contact your local courts via telephone or email to see if they are opportunities for judge marshalling. Once there is an opportunity, the court will give you the instructions for applying.

Employers that offer judge marshalling:

  • Lincoln’s Inn
  • Gray’s Inn
  • Middle Temple
  • The University Of South Hampton (they provides a lot of marshalling schemes even for second-year law students)

The Application Process

The application process involves sending a judge your updated CV and legal cover letter explaining why you want to marshal them.

What is Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme?

Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme are for eligible legal practitioners who are considering a career in the judicial office. It provides the practitioner insight into the work of the judge in and out of the court. It is usually a two-day scheme that occurs within six months. It is an arrangement made between the student and the judge in which there are different judges to choose from, for example, a Circuit or Tribunal judge.

These experiences are great opportunities to partake in, so start applying and good luck in your endeavors.

By Josanne Mantague