Securing legal work experience is a crucial step toward a successful career. Through this, you will enhance your CV, develop your skillset, gain an insight into your dream role, and even discover the area of law you may wish to practice. Employers will always look for relevant work experience when shortlisting candidates. Here, we will be exploring the benefits of working abroad and how this could help you gain the necessary experience to get your foot in the legal industry and become a successful lawyer.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The legal industry can be a very competitive job market. After students graduate from law school it has been proven to be challenging in securing a training contract or a paralegal role, this is primarily due to many applicants and fewer available roles. However, taking some time out to gain relevant legal work experience abroad will demonstrate your determination to succeed in the legal industry, as well as provide you with a valuable and unique experience to add to your CV, aiding you to stand out from the crowd.

Build Essential Legal Skills

A new environment often comes with the need to adapt to change, encouraging both personal and professional growth. Living and working overseas will equip you with numerous opportunities to sharpen your existing skills and develop fresh ones. Furthermore, employers seek to hire employees who can easily adapt to their new roles and get settled into their duties as soon as possible. Evidence of gaining relevant legal experience will highlight that you possess these essential skills and competencies required to be a successful lawyer. 

Learn a New Language

Living in a country is one of the best ways to pick up local dialects and learn everyday phrases. Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for bilingual professionals within the legal sector. Law firms especially welcome and seek applicants who can speak more than one language, placing those individuals at a greater advantage of securing further opportunities. Open the door to additional career options for yourself, by learning a second language from working abroad.

Gain Knowledge of Other Legal Systems

Whilst working in another country, you will also have the opportunity to learn about a different legal system, broadening your overall knowledge. This will have a positive influence on your appeal to law firms, particularly those who specialise in International Law and work with clients worldwide.

Expand Your Professional Network

Working abroad is the perfect way to build a network with other like-minded professionals. You will have ample opportunities to meet and connect with a wider community of people, from diverse backgrounds and job roles. This is a chance to reach out and connect with people via LinkedIn, keeping up to date with any opportunities or relevant news that might be of interest. It is also recommended to follow firms on LinkedIn, as many tend to share upcoming roles and useful information on their pages. You never know where your next job offer can emerge from.