Most law students in the United Kingdom will either become solicitors or barristers, with majority of them choosing the solicitor route. However, there are many more opportunities for law graduates to work in non-law careers. Such occupations include marketing, journalism, legal tech and advising the government on policy decisions. 

Journalism and Law Graduates

Secondly, one could become a journalist. One could either report on issues that relate to law or other topics about which they can learn while working. Often employers lead workshops for professionals who are just now starting. This career is very important to society and one often discusses important issues for the world, while helping other be informed and critically analyse events. It is an intellectually stimulating career that allows one to contribute to society.

Legal Tech and Law Graduates

Thirdly, one could work in legal tech. Legal tech is very important and very popular. It utilises new technology such as blockchain or artificial intelligence to provide better and more efficient legal services. It used to refer to the technology used by law firms for their billing for example. However, there has been an evolution of the term and now it encompasses solutions that make it easier for the public to have access to justice. Such roles in legal tech include occupations such as legal technologist, legal engineer, artificial intelligence analyst, sales specialist or product manager.

Marketing and Law Graduates

First of all, one could become a marketing manager. In that capacity, one would manage the marketing plan of a company or organisation. One would research the preferences of the audience as well as trends and examine the demand for a product or service. They would then create a strategy about how to market a product or service. A marketing manager might work in radio, television, a magazine, a newspaper or focus more on digital marketing. One would collaborate with their colleagues who are experts in advertising as well as people working in PR.

Government and Law Graduates

Fourthly, one could become a policy advisor to the government. The development of roles that have to do with public law has led to a high demand for teams of professionals with a law background to work on policy and advise federal or local government on regulatory issues. Such an occupation would encompass a breadth of work including finance, competition or human rights. In general, one would work on anything that relates to public life. It is important to note that such a position has a wider impact to society due to its governmental and regulatory nature.