Some applicants skip this question or approach it incorrectly. Always answer this type of question:

“Please list anything else you believe strengthens your application.”

“Any additional information in support of your application?”

This question gives you the opportunity to tell the recruiters something special about you, something that will make you stand out from the crowd. This question is usually the last one that they will read from your application making it memorable.  

Approach this question strategically. Firstly, look through all of the questions in the application. What did they already ask you? How did you answer those questions? Most importantly, what information did you already tell the recruiters about yourself? Thus, pick something new to talk about. For example, if there was no question about extra-curricular activities, then use this opportunity to tell the recruiters about your hobbies and consult our Guide on how to answer that specific question.

Secondly, whatever you choose to write about, it must somehow support your application. This means that you need to connect it to the firm or to a career as a solicitor. For example, if you choose to write about an extra-curricular activity, explain how that experience supports your application. How would that help you in your career as a solicitor? Why is this experience useful for solicitors at the firm that you are applying to?