Yulia Melnyk is a journalist at Careerinlaw Inc, known for her expertise in technology and legal journalism. Her educational and professional journey reflects a unique blend of technical knowledge and journalistic flair.

Yulia’s academic foundation was laid at the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in IT Project Management. This specialized degree provided her with a comprehensive understanding of technology, project management principles, and their application in real-world scenarios. Her education equipped her with technical skills and the ability to manage complex projects, an invaluable skill in her later career.

After finishing her studies, Yulia started working as a freelance project manager, where she collaborated with various Ukrainian web development companies. Her role in these projects showcased her adaptability, technical expertise, and project management skills. She was known for her ability to deliver complex web development projects with efficiency and precision.

After moving from Ukraine to Canada, she experienced a significant shift in her career path. Yulia continued to leverage her unique skill set in Canada. At Careerinlaw Inc, Yulia focuses on creating content at the nexus of law and technology. Her background in IT Project Management proves invaluable in this role, enabling her to effectively analyze and communicate complex legal tech trends and developments.

Outside of her professional life, Yulia is deeply committed to community service, particularly in supporting Ukrainian immigrants in Canada. She draws from her own experience to guide and assist others in navigating the challenges of resettling in a new country, much like she did recently.

Yulia is fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT Project Management, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design